Our Terms & Conditions

Shipping Policy:

LCJP (Little Carat Jewelry Photography) rates do not include any shipping or insurance costs. Client is responsible for all shipping and insurance arrangements, to and from LCJP. If Client requests that LCJP make shipping arrangements, a handling fee of $25 will be charged to Client in addition to shipping costs.

Condition of Jewelry Samples:

LCJP will photograph the jewelry samples provided by Client in the condition which they are delivered. LCJP will gently remove fingerprints & smudges from the samples with a jewelry cleaning cloth prior to shooting, however, proper cleaning and polishing of the merchandise prior to photography is the responsibility of Client. Additional retouching for pieces that are dirty, scratched, tarnished, discolored, or damaged in any way is not included in cost.

Proofs, Reshoots, Editing & Retouching:

LCJP will provide Client with watermarked raw (un-retouched) image proofs in PDF format via email delivery or download link. Some pieces may have multiple shots with styling variations, from which Client can choose. Client is responsible for reviewing proofs and providing LCJP with a list of approved images and/or any notes, changes or reshoot requests within three days of receiving proofs (see “Client Satisfaction” below for more details). Editing of selected images will begin once Client has submitted an approved selections list to LCJP. Any special editing requests must be made prior to start of editing process. Once editing is complete, proofs will be sent to client for final approval. Client is responsible for reviewing edited images and providing LCJP with a list of approved images and/or any notes, changes or additional editing requests within three days of receiving proofs.


Edited images will be delivered to Client in JPG, PNG, TIF, PSD or PDF electronic formats via email and/or FTP web server download once payment is received. Client is responsible for downloading image files and storing them on their own computers, hard drives or disks. Due to storage capacity issues, Client image files may be removed from LCJP server thirty days after delivery to Client. Client is responsible for storage and backup of image files once downloaded from LCJP server. Hard copies on DVD, CD, flash drive or prints of any kind are not provided by LCJP.


Upon Client approval of finished images, LCJP will send an itemized invoice to Client via email delivery or web link. Full payment must be made prior to release of deliverable files with watermarks removed. Payments will be made via credit card (Visa, Mastercard or AmEx), PayPal, Stripe or by check (check must clear before finished images are released). Returned checks will be subject to charge of $40 or 5% or balance (whichever is greater).

Grant of Rights:

A lifetime unlimited usage rights license will be granted to Client for all purchased images. Client will be allowed to use images for any purpose Client chooses without being required to consult LCJP at any time. LCJP retains full copyright ownership and reserves the right to use images for promotional purposes (display on LCJP website, social media, advertisement and marketing for LCJP). LCJP will not be permitted to re-sell Client images to any third party, unless explicitly granted permission by Client.


Client is responsible for providing insurance coverage for Client’s merchandise (if needed). Client’s merchandise will be stored in a safe while in the possession of LCJP. Though every effort is taken to protect Client’s merchandise, LCJP will not be liable or responsible for any damage, loss or theft that may occur during shipping or photography process.

Client Satisfaction:

It is the goal of LCJP to ensure Client is completely satisfied with their images. In the event Client is not satisfied with photography, editing or retouching, LCJP will make every reasonable effort to resolve the issue. Client is responsible for communicating expectations and specific reasons for dissatisfaction. Reshoots and edits are included at no additional cost to Client if LCJP has made any technical errors in the photography of merchandise. Reshoots, additional editing or retouching will be charged to Client if issue is with style, aesthetics or creative preference and due to Client’s misunderstanding or misreading of the guidelines presented in the Terms & Conditions, LCJP website, sample images or emails provided to Client. Client will be charged full price for services once LCJP has delivered or performed any photography, editing or retouching. Requests for reshoots must be made to LCJP within three days of raw proof delivery and prior to start of editing process.