seb ettinger
Seb grew up immersed in the arts and developed a creative streak at an early age. He explored drawing, mixed media, printmaking, sculpture and music, but found his true calling behind the camera. He decided to make it his career and studied photography at the University of Houston, where he earned his BFA in traditional and digital photography. Taught by renowned photographers Ed Hill, Suzanne Bloom and George Krause, he learned the importance of developing his own way of seeing and creating unique, personal images through a variety of photographic methods.

In his professional work, though he is most known for his jewelry photography, he has studio and location experience with advertising, product, portrait, lifestyle, panoramic, architectural, journalistic, corporate, event and wedding photography. His clients range from Fortune 500 companies (Compaq, Sony, HP) to small businesses (designers, builders, realtors, restaurants, bars, clubs, galleries) to individuals (families, couples/newlyweds, pet owners, actors, models, musicians).

In his personal work, Seb has explored a number of themes, most notably water and landscapes. His largest body of work deals with water and it's interaction with light, color, air and motion- these photographs range from fluid sculptural forms to pure color abstractions. In his landscapes, he uses motion to isolate forms, reveals the hidden beauty in apparently mundane scenes or creates implied narratives using juxtaposed compositional elements.

With his versatile mix of professional experience, commercial sensibility, technical skill and creative vision, Seb produces exceptional photography that is guaranteed to exceed expectations.

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